Parents need to take extra care on their adolescent children

Today, in this fast-moving world, parents go for work to earn a living. Both the parents must work to make sure their expenses do not go more than their savings. Hence because of this, they have very little time to spend with their family. Children at home do not know what to do and hence watch tv or use the internet to google search information. This is where elders at home need to take exceptional care of. Earlier children used to go out and play in the sun but now, they are lazy enough to go out of their homes. In addition to this with the advent of technology and internet, they get what they want in a click away. They stay in their rooms and some do all stuff without the consent of their parents too. One of which is watching porn videos.

Boys are mostly involved in this due to their adolescent age and it becomes a habit for them if not properly noticed and counseled. Children from 10 to 17 should be taken care of, as this is the age that their minds wander. They would like to experiment things, be it sex or drugs etc. All these unhealthy habits, in this small age have taken the life of many children. Parents need to be careful, even if they are working, to keep an eye on their children every day to make sure they are in the right path.

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Online videos

Today internet is loaded with sex videos. Though these are the source of knowledge, parents need to use blockers for certain websites. If they do not care on all these, children might end up in getting addicted to watching these videos and stop concentrating on what is important for life. Some videos involve hard core sex, some about Indian nude aunty, some about kissing etc. These videos are not for the children. It is what parents teach them at this stage that makes them go to places. Distractions like the sex videos will only pull the child down since they become attracted to it due to their age.


People need to be aware of what is happening in their home. Earlier, there were desktops at home, and hence parents can add blockers for adult websites but now children are being allowed to use smart phones at a very small age. With smart phones, parents might not know what they are browsing. Surfing websites that include sex, videos about indian nude aunty, porn videos will only make them addicted to it.