Facts about the escort services

The escort services refer to the services which are provided by escort agencies by providing to individuals social or conversational service with another individual. These services are very common though the rules pertaining to it vary from country to country. People working as escorts are recruited by an advertisement in a newspaper or magazine. While providing escort service a list is maintained of the age, gender and other needed classification as in demand.

The escort services are provided on a number of basis: man to man, woman to woman or woman to man and sometimes few men to woman basis also as per the need. Such agencies are basically work towards satisfaction of sexual needs and earning revenue through it. In some cases, even transgender or transsexual escorts are employed for the purpose of providing cosmos-escorts. These escorts generally get recruited by a reference of some friend who has some level of experience in the business.


Talking in legal terms, this work is completely illegal in many countries due to obligations created by the culture etc. However in few countries the services of escorts have given fair degree of return. In law of prostitution payment for sex is forbidden and even the contract for providing sexual pleasures is illegal thus in such countries these services run under shade. While providing advertisement for the escorts it is taken into consideration that in any case the message does not deliver anything which seem to cross the legal line.

The reason for drawing legal line in the area of prostitution is basically to safeguard the number of women who daily are forced to enter this field resulting in torturous street prostitution. Many families send their daughters to this stream only for the sake of earning few pennies for the house. Though there is a section of escorts who happily entered this stream with their own consent and are living the life of a prostitute without any regret. When a person is neither married nor have any girlfriend and is going to attend a corporate party in which every people will come with a beautiful women then it feels very awkward and embarrassing. For that reason escorts are very useful and by getting these services a man can boost their confidence too. Escort woman will provide you the entire pleasures that a girl friend or wife can provide.

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